Building a morning routine is hard. Let’s work together on building the morning routine to take on the day with calm confidence and energy. 

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Morning Routine Coach

Morning routines are important because they set the precedent for the day. They can reduce stress or elevate it. They can be planned or they can be chaotic and that sentiment will go throughout the day. How do you want your morning to look? I would love to help!

Rachel Tapp Coaching our motto is that life can be better than it is today. With intention we can build a meaningful life and it starts with the moment we wake up.

What if I told you: your morning CAN be easy.

Rachel Tapp, Founder & Coach

Our Programs

There is a coaching program for every woman!

Morning Mastery: 6-Week Routine Transformation

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive morning routine formation program. Dive deep into your goals, overcome barriers, and discover your ‘why’ as you embark on a transformative journey to kickstart your day with purpose.  

Unstuck and Thriving: Breakthrough Session

Feeling stuck in life? Join our one-time coaching session to break free from obstacles, reframe your thoughts, and conquer avoidance. Get ready to unleash your inner potential and live life to the fullest.

Journaling Journey: Guided Morning Reflections

Start each day with intention and clarity through our self-guided morning journaling program. Explore your inner thoughts and emotions with our thoughtfully curated journal prompt booklet, setting the stage for a more mindful and fulfilling life.

Morning Mastery Resource Hub

Discover a wealth of free TikTok tips and tricks, along with our morning journal prompt book designed to infuse your mornings with intention and positivity. Transform your daily routine and unleash your best self with our Morning Mastery Hub.


We’re here to walk beside you every step of the way.


As a recovered morning snoozer you are not alone. Not every day will feel amazing but every day can lead you to an amazing life that you love. Choosing us means choosing a step in the right direction for your future. Through the morning routine program you will get one on one sessions with myself. And i will show up for you. During programs you have digital access to me to ask any questions you need. I will provide consistent support through the process. If you need someone on your side to get started that is what I offer. A teammate in your corner to help you explore who you are and where you are going.


The Best Morning Routine

Prepare Yourself for the Rest of the Day

It’s simple: you get the tasks done that need to be done before you leave for work. You set your day up.

Reduce Stress

Predictability in the day reduces stress because the decisions and the unknowns are taken out of the equation. You can do what needs to be done, giving you clear guidelines to follow.

Increase Sense of Control

When you complete tasks in the morning you create small wins before you even leave the house. Confidence is built on self trust which comes from showing up for yourself.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is a snowball effect. When you have woken up, and everything you are doing is with intention and setting you up, you want to continue to function in that mindset. Therefore, when you get to work, your brain is primed to continue to work through things step by step, increasing productivity.

Build Confidence

Confidence is built through self-trust. Self-trust is built by telling yourself to do something and following through. If you tell yourself you want to get out of bed immediately when the alarm goes off, and you do it. You are teaching yourself to trust your word. And trusting yourself builds your confidence.


What People Are Saying

“Rachel has helped me understand the road blocks in my current routines and ways of thinking that have been preventing me from reaching my goals. Her 6 week program is an excellent starting place to help build the foundational building blocks to set you up for continued success. On top of her expertise and guidance, Rachel has a remarkable way of building rapport with her clients on an individualistic level.”

- Emily

Rachel took the time to sit down with me and thoroughly plan out not just my mornings but my daily routine. She helped me recognize what was important to me and influenced me to think thoughtfully about my values and my goals. She inspired me to be present in my work rather than merely cruising through and getting it done. There are days when it feels like there is no time, and on those days, Rachel helped me find space for myself.

- Shobia

I will be forever grateful for the three months I was able to spend with Rachel as my life coach this year. The comfort and support I felt after every session was exhilarating, healing and transitional. She helped me to create not only a vision for a life that I never thought possible but, helped me to build my vision into a reality.”

- Diamond

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