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Rachel Tapp Coaching is built on the idea that life can be better than it is today. With intention we can build a meaningful life and what better place to start then the moment we wake up.

My Story

Rachel Tapp

With a unique journey that spans working with both teenagers and seniors, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the profound beginnings of self-discovery in young minds and the reflections of those who’ve travelled a long path through life. In my 20s, I dedicated myself to crafting a life that aligns with my true desires, diving deep into self-awareness and the power of mindset. I learned that life changes depending on your thoughts and that mindset work can bring a lot of freedom. This journey has allowed me to shape my perspective and transform my life. Now, I’m committed to sharing the transformative potential of mindset work with others. I’ve spent years refining my path, facing challenges head-on, and relentlessly pursuing a life I love. My passion lies in helping others do the same while I continue my journey toward a life of fulfillment.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Psychology

BCRPA Certification for Personal Training

Coaching Internship with Laurie & Jim from Shopland Coaching

Our Values

Motivated by commitment, quality, and courage, I am driven to inspire others to grow and live a meaningful life they love.





Self Respect


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“With our weekly coaching sessions, accountability check-ins, daily habits, weekly goals and keeping to my routines, I was able to build a trusting relationship with myself and gain back the confidence that I haven’t seen in years.”


“Rachel is there to be beside you and encourage you that what you want to achieve is possible; rather than jumping into it all at once, as I did, she breaks it down into small, manageable, and achievable steps that get you closer to your goals. I’m very grateful for Rachel’s collaborative, encouraging, and adaptable nature; she is a fantastic life coach and will serve you well!”


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Isabella Edwards Compbell

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Your new life begins with tomorrow’s sunrise. It’s time to take charge of your mornings and make the change you’ve been longing for. Ready?